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  • Offered salary

    Rs21,000 - Rs26,000/month

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  • Experience

    1 - 3 Years

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    Remote work option


  • Expatriate Eligibility


Key responsibilities

  • Manage all department activities, including planning and implementing sales strategies, managing inventory, setting up promotions, and managing the sales team
  • Analyze sales data and market trends to adjust sales strategies and maximize shelf profitability
  • Ensure an attractive visual presentation of the department to attract customers and increase sales
  • Manage relationships with suppliers and customers to ensure a satisfactory shopping experience
  • Supervise the sales team, ensuring they are trained and motivated to meet sales targets
  • Maintain adequate stock levels and minimize loss and wast

Good to know

Goals & Performance Metrics:

- Team management
- Reserves management
- Order management
- Shelf management

N+1 Management Style:

In a spirit of team and solidarity, each employee brings this contribution and support the different teams of the store. Stores interested to progress and to to grow up their team members to enable them to evolve into positions of responsabily.

Career Progression Opportunities:

Acquired by a french company in 2020, SOMAGS modernizes and evolue to transform theses stores in CARREFOUR ! A modern environment, changeable and innovative for our employees and our futurs employees interested to joining us.

Benefits & Culture:

The culture in SOMAGS : This is daily to take in front the collegial collaboration in every level, giving meaning to what we do and renforcing the engagement in our actions, missions and results.

Candidate Selection Criteria:

You want to join our equips CARREFOUR ? You will be contacted by HR team or by a store manager to initiate a first meet together and to discover your motivations. Then, a interview will allow us to exchange more deeply on your professionals projects and will allow us to share our vision with you.

Work condition:

In a store updated with the arrival of Carrefour on the island, you will be required to work in a modern environment, 6 days a week, to increase turnover while listening to customers and your teams.

Message from your futur manager N+1:

Don't hesitate to join us and share your experience with us!

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