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Many job seekers create a CV with the goal of impressing a recruiter or just a CV that will be sent to many companies. However, this may not be what a hiring manager is looking for.

As you show interest in a job offer, it’s best to match your CV to the job description. That way you will be responding to the hiring needs of a company.

When a company posts a job advert, they are usually looking for someone who can answer for their hiring needs. That’s the mindset you need to have when you want to apply for a job.

Each company is unique and they also want job seekers that know how to stand out. Matching your CV, it feels as if you are personally addressing them.

Ask yourself the following question : How am I answering the hiring needs of this company ?

And this is how you are going to tailor your CV to a job description. 

Find more about how to create an ideal CV.

Here are some tips to help you match your CV to a job advert.


Many candidates omit to read a job description carefully and highlight key aspects of the vacancy. 

Check if the recruiter is looking for any particular skills and which ones are put first in the job description

Look at the qualifications needed for the job or any experience that the recruiter wants you to have.

Spot them and use them to see if your own experience can match the ideal candidate the hiring manager is looking for.


Identify some keywords in the job description that could be related to skills or experience, and include them in your CV. If the recruiter is searching for a  dynamic and creative person, make sure ton include those in your CV.


Now that you have a global idea of who the company wants to recruit, you can start personalizing your CV for your job application.

Start by matching the keywords form the job description on the most visible parts of your CV.

For instance, you do not need to list all of your job experiences. Just list the most recurrent ones and whose experience is closer to the job you are applying for.

Example: If you are applying as a Customer Support Officer, list the jobs and experience and that you’ve had that involved good communication skills.

When you’ve sorted out the most relevant job experiences related to the job you are applying for, pull out some skills that you have gained throughout these.

Again if you are applying for a Customer Support Officer position, maybe you have acquired some great communication skills or great teamwork abilities or maybe you’ve increase customer retention in your previous job. Showcase them, if you can, use quantitative items as well to illustrates the progress you’ve made in a previous position.


Once you have adapted your CV to the job description, ask yourself if the hiring manager will be able to guess why you have applied for their advertised position.

Check if your CV ticks the requirements and keywords that you have found in the job description.  

When you are ready, you can start working on your job application.

Remember, if you want to catch the interest of a recruiter, it’s essential that you tailor your CV to the job description. This will show that you understand the needs and requirements of the recruiter and that you are ready to put at work your talent to the company’s benefit. It’s also proof of your motivation as you didn’t just fire off the same CV you sent to all the other recruiters.

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