Company Overview

Reneworld, a leading company in the solar energy market, is a symbol of innovation and
ambition in the renewable energy sector.

Since it was taken over by the Eclosia group, with a 51% stake, the company has
undergone a crucial phase of consolidation and structuring.

This transformation is in line with Eclosia’s ideals and values, marking a significant turning
point in Reneworld’s history.

Company culture and values

Participative and trust-based management, favouring an open and collaborative working environment. Management values open communication, honesty and initiative.

Work environment

Reneworld has a dynamic and passionate working environment, characterised by a dedicated and committed team. Employees, often referred to as 'workaholics', are driven
by a passion for their work and a commitment to the company's goals. The offices reflect this energy, with spaces designed to encourage collaboration and innovation.

Leadership approach

We have a participative and trust-based management style in each of our departments, encouraging an open and collaborative working environment. Reneworld is based on valuing skills and giving every employee the opportunity to progress within the company. Success stories, such as that of a receptionist promoted twice in one and a half years, illustrate this commitment. The company invests in training and personal development, ensuring mutual growth for employees and the organisation.

Recruitment process

Depending on the position and the profile required:
- Meeting with your future direct manager in the offices
- Meeting with a member of the HR team and/or the CEO

Why join us ?

- Environmental impact: Play an active part in reducing our carbon footprint and promoting renewable energies.

- Innovation and Development: Work in a dynamic environment where innovation is at the heart of our activities.

- Corporate Culture: We value people and encourage the professional and personal development of our employees.

- Training and Development: Benefit from ongoing training to stay at the cutting edge of the solar energy sector.

Office language

English, French and Creole
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