Company Overview

Since its first steps in the paint industry in 1988, Sofap has established itself as one of the leading paint manufacturers in Mauritius. As a responsible, transparent and fair company, Sofap is committed to the well-being of its employees and to the respect of our environment.

Company culture and values

Our purpose at Sofap is that we want to serve people and communities to make our island a more beautiful and pleasant place to live for all. We start by our people: trying to achieve a great employee experience for all, to our clients and other stakeholders but always with our community and island at heart.
Like our mission states, we want to protect and embellish our environment, with circularity and sustainability at heart.
Our values are Respect, Innovate and Empower and these are not just words, they are clearly lived in our day-to-day operations.

Work environment

At Sofap, we foster a Positive Work Environment where employees feel valued, respected, and supported. We have an open-door policy where everyone is welcome to discuss a project or address a challenge at any time.
We ensure great onboarding is done for a newcomer and we ensure to organise diverse well being activities for our people all year long.

Leadership approach

We adopt a participative and transparent management style where everyone is made aware of the company's objectives, progress and achievements. Collaboration and trust are two key words to summarize our leadership approach.

Recruitment process

The recruitment process begins when we first get in touch with the candidate. We then proceed with the interview phase, then the selection and final recruitment. Every newcomer follows a detailed onboarding program where he/she gets to meet every team member and understand the full process of the work chain. The new employee has often a designed buddy who acts as a guide for better integration.

Why join us ?

Joining Sofap will add colours to your life for sure! We want you in our team to embrace this creativity and innovative approach we strive to maintain keeping sustainability and circularity at heart.

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