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freelancer-key steps for a successful collaboration

Finding and working with a freelancer is like recruiting your expert accountant: you struggle to find your talent, you don’t know which one to choose, you don’t understand everything he says BUT you still have to seduce him and make him fit in  your structure and your vision. Especially after recruiting him the process doesn’t stop there: there is an onboarding phase to retain your new recruit. 

Well for a freelancer who will work with you, it’s the same challenge! Of course, we’re not talking about onboarding, nor about building a long-term relationship (even if it’s a recurring need?) but we are talking about the key steps to work with him successfully and make a great collaboration! 

So you’re going to ask yourself these questions: is our management the same between a full time employee and a freelancer? How can I successfully collaborate with an expert from outside my company on a one-off basis? What should I say or not? In short, how does it work and how well does it work? 

Good news is: those are the 1 million dollar questions, but we have the solution for you, and even better, we’re going to detail it all in 8 key steps: 

1 – Take the time: make him discover your world and get him engaged 

Once you’ve fallen in love with a freelancer’s profile, personality and expertise it’s important to take the time to explain who you are! Don’t forget that it’s through you that he will be able to understand your world, your way of working, and above all your vision. It is essential to tell him your company’s story so that he can align himself in his future mission with your aspirations and be in phase with you. 

Believe us, it won’t be a waste of time 😉 

2 – Have a clear, punchy and relevant brief

After you tell him your story: get to the heart of the matter and why you need him! A clear and detailed brief is essential for the freelancer to be able to support you and satisfy your needs. The more information, the better! As they say, too much is better than too less. This brief has several importance: it allows you to review your wishes, to know what are your blocking points, the documents/tools you already have and what you need to define the scope of the freelancer’s mission. 

Don’t hesitate to also provide key documents for the freelancer’s understanding according to your needs. For example, if you are looking for a web developer, do not hesitate to send him your mock-ups and specifications so that he can challenge you and understand your wishes. 

And yes… you can’t build your own garden without planting seeds, and a freelance collaboration is the same thing! 

3 – Listen to him: he’s the expert! 

Listening and sharing is important! He will clearly ask you a lot of questions to be on the same wavelength as you and challenge your ideas to see further and bring you new ways of thinking. You call on him for expertise and support, so it’s essential to listen constructive feedback: that’s how you’re going to take off and grow. 


4 – Understanding the work method of the freelancer

Nb: a freelancer has his own organization and methodology. In search of freedom and professional flexibility he will organize himself to respect the deadlines, but don’t panic if you receive an email from him at 4am instead of 10am. 

A lot of work under the Agile methodology to keep you up to date with the progress of the project. It’s up to you to decide together how you want to work without imposing a rhythm that is not his: it won’t match! 

5 – Agreeing on an quote and sticking to it 

The quotation constitutes your written agreement and scope of action. It is better that it is well prepared and that it includes the freelancer’s plan of action for your project / mission. Once it has been validated, there is no going back! If at the end of the work done and the deliverable provided you have another missions to him, you will make a new quote together! In short: do not pull the rope. You work with him on online part time jobs in Mauritius basis and the assignments do not change.


6 – Trust and be flexible 

2 elements for a perfect cocktail of a company / freelance collaboration: 

  • Trust = relying on the expertise of others and believing in them
  • Flexibility = acting agile to achieve a common interest 

7 – Communicate well and have visibility

No question of remaining without news for 1 month for a day to have the final deliverable in your mailbox! 

Not having visibility and communication will automatically create frustration. Another element: reactivity. There are a lot of tools you can work with and see in one click the evolution of the project (Trello, Monday, Slack, Drive…) which will allow you to be reassured. It’s up to you to define with the freelancer how you want to have visibility on the progress! 

8 – Give thanks and reward to your freelancer!

When your collaboration is over, and everyone is happy, don’t forget to thank the freelancer. The network is precious! 

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So, what are you waiting for to get started? 

If this new working method is not obvious to you, I advise you to read our article: why work with a freelancer?


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