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Nobody was prepared for the pandemic named CORONA. As the virus kept spreading throughout the world: schools, workplaces, public places and everything was being lock down leaving parents with no choice but to panic and wonder what will happen to their work, their children and their lives!

Parents had to react quickly on how to keep their kids entertained. How to keep their education going on without any severe disruption and most importantly how to keep them safe. Indeed, children are known to be extra active, bored easily and small beings who just can’t keep to one place.  Unfortunately it isn’t limited in age. Toddlers, kids of different age and teens also get easily bored and fed up of staying at home for more than two weeks. However, with a “pandemic” of their own that is having to look after their kids themselves, parents are becoming more creative around the globe and are coming with various ideas on how to keep their progenies entertained while they go about their daily activities or simply work from home.

As you understand, we know how difficult it is during those trying times to take care of the kids while (trying) to work from home. That’s why we concocted a 101 survival parenting guide to manage kids & home office.

1 – Keep your routine

This is the hardest thing to do in our opinion. You need to keep your daily program. More than keeping a sense of familiarity it will allow you to organize your schedule and those of the kid.

Keep up cooking, outdoor activities, etc. fairly organized at specific hours. You don’t need to make up a schedule right away, you’ll construct it on what you already know and what was the routine before the epidemic.

If you have toddlers we know that keeping up a schedule is quite challenging. Getting up really early is the key, since it will help you get the most done before your little monsters… huh toddlers… arise from bed. Then try to encourage independent play as it’s really important for your little kids development. Some parents have created sets of activities before hands to keep them busy.

2 – Create a weekly schedule

What’s great with technology is you can bring your work tools to your family organization. That means Google Calendar will be your new best friend. The modern village has an already made schedule for you to organize with plenty of tips to manage home office and parenting. And the most important ones are the following:

  • They suggest you should create work blocks so you know you can get your full attention on work at specific times of the day (preferably when kids are supposed to complete their school work)
  • Best invention ever: Partner swaps on a 4 hours or 2 hour shifts where one partner works while the other one takes care of the kids.

3 – Technology and other parents will save your sanity

Remember the google calendar tip, well here’s two other ones you really want to consider: Zoom and online classes. Indeed, most kids have extracurricular activities (and let’s not lie to ourselves, we love this well deserved alone time) and well quarantine oblige they have been cancelled. That’s where online classes will save you. You can find them on Youtube, for example to tire them a bit you can check out GoNoodle.

Also reach out to other parents your close to you to create what modern village calls “play dates” on Zoom. You can connect your kids with their friends. During this virtual playtime they can either catch up with each other or play games together. The other parents will also be part of your salvation as you can create a sort of survival group where you can exchange resources, meal plans, etc. with other desperate kid raisers.

We hope we helped you out a bit. There are many ways to adopt if you want to keep you kids from driving you crazy during this quarantine period. Sometimes you just have to get creative and cope with the stress levels of this time. We know super active toddlers and moody teens can take a toll on us so it’s ok if you feel tired and want to give up but managing your time and discussing properly with you partner to help out will alleviate things a lot.  Equally do not hesitate to ask for help from your entourage and have some time for yourself everyday so that you can rejuvenate yourself.

KUDOS to the teachers who can keep up with 40 children at a time and during the whole year!!

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