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Managing team and companies is a given for every organization to survive. However, management has been an ever evolving set of theories & practices adapting to the labor world. In this infographic you’ll discover the top management trends of 2020: top-management-trends-2020

1 – Job Hopping 

Millenials will take over the labor force, and that means leadership roles as well. In a Deloitte’s study, they have uncovered that Millenials plan to leave a job within 2 years. However, great company culture can counter the premature quitting. Discover what a great company culture is made of through our interview of SDWorx that won the GreatPlaceToWork Mauritius award of 2020. 

2 – Mobile learning and management will be the top management trend of 2020

As already mentionned, Millenials will be taking over the labord market. This Forbes article shows us why getting mobile friendly when it comes to management will be crucial in 2020 : 

  1. Millenials have another learning process than older generations. Firstly, they are keener to upskill and they want the knowledge to be accessible anywhere & anytime.  This is why you need to go mobile friendly when is comes to your up-skilling formations
  2. Equally team management is slowly getting there. Most employees find that having the possibility to communicate and access information from their mobile has increased their overall productivity & has allowed them to decrease the amount of time assigned to each task. 

3 – Remote working

With the COVID-19 situation remote working has become the norm. Through this worldwide tragedy we also understood that we can rationalize physical presence at the office. You need to be prepared, in the short term at least one of your team members will be working remotely. You need to expand you use of technology to manage this new kind of work process and take the time to reflect on the best practices that you have implemented in your company during the pandemic.

4 – Transparency 

It’s not a new top management trend but it’s getting increasingly important. Lack of transparency is killing companies as Milelnials are taking over and not having it. One of our advice is to make all your progress, plans and problems accessible to everyone in your company. This will with your company culture as it will make employees feel like they are fully part of the company.

5 – Democratization of leadership skills development & AI.

Easy access to leadership skill development is definitely the top management trend of 2020. To make that happen, companies will need to resolve the primary access problem. One way to do it is to create with AI personalized training modules that & group coaching sessions. AI will become the norm in those cases and help coaches with increase use of visual dashboards and better correlation matrices. 



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