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Everyone is talking about AI. Its advances, its advantages, the fears that come with this incredible technology. Well let me brake it down to you, don’t worry, humans will still have control over it. Some jobs may be replaced but others will be created in the mean time. New technologies means the disappearance of an era before entering a new one. Some skills will not disappear with AI development. However, contrary to what you may think, it’s not hard skills but rather soft ones. Discover the skills that won’t be replaced by AI in our infographic: 


1 – Empathy will never be replaced by AI

Some advances are made in terms of affective computing. However, empathy will remain a great skill and quality specific to human beings. Indeed, it is linked to the capacity of impersonate and understand one’s feelings and emotions. A computer will never be able to decipher the complexity of human emotions and behaviours. We are organic algorithms that make hundreds of calculations at each millisecond that determine our rate of survival, happiness etc. It is not a written one but rather, one that evolved with us during the humanity’s time span. 

2 – Critical Thinking

We will always need humans and gut feelings to take decisions. Learning by mistakes is the essential point to develop critical thinking and cannot be reproduced by a machine. For the moment, machine learning, deep learning and etc. are filled to the brim with hundreds and thousands of informations to make them understand a concept. It will not decide by himself what the concept is. For example, we need to feed tons of cat’s photos to a machine for it to get that it’s a cat and it will not budge and question whether the animal in the photo is a cat or not. However when it comes to humans, the learning by mistake process gets into place and we will decide after taking into account our experience and what information we have on hand wether it’s a cat or not. 

3 – Creativity

Creativity is a skill that won’t be replaced by AI. The ex-nihilo creation of a concept or an idea is structurally linked to humans. When it comes to creativity, we can take the example of art.  Machines can totally create art through the establishment of a certain set of variables and already created inspirations. However, it cannot make something out of nothing like the human brain can.

4 – Human interaction is a skill and it will not be replaced by AI

Well that’s pretty obvious. It would be a Black Mirror scenario. Imagine having classes with a robot, or having a computer program as your shrink. More than not replaceable, it is not tradable. Human interactions allows us to grow different sets of soft and hard skills and develop those mentioned above. 

5 – Technology Management 

Seems obvious but still. Machines and computers cannot build or run themselves. We will always need humans to do the part. 

As you can see, we’re a long way ahead before being replaced. AI might take a more important place as times goes by. However, the purpose will be to better the work of humans and not replace them. Most companies using machine learning programs or deep learning programs put them in place to help their colleagues’ productivity and not the other way around. If they can replace us on a lot of technical hard skills, critical thinking or creativity will always be up to us. 

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