The stock and procurement manager ensure and implement the procurement’s process in order to fill the needs of the villages departments with the respect of delay, economic objectives, referencing, and required level of service. The stock and procurement manager propose improvement in order to increase the customer’s satisfaction and is in charge of the relation with the suppliers including service providers.



  • Respect the referencing : products/suppliers and prices in conformity with the contract.

  • Define the estimate needs of products and make orders to the closest of the needs in order to ensure a continuous and regular service.

  • Organize the daily output of products needed for other services and records the inputs and outputs of stock in database tools.

  • Manage purchases as part of rigorous cash management.

  • Express PMH needs to country logistics providers and sends F&B orders and spare parts to local suppliers.



  • Check deliveries : quality and quantity control of the products received (weight of bulk goods).

  • Control the respect of deadline for suppliers.

  • Control the delivery invoices and collects assets.

  • Deal with noncompliance with suppliers day per day.

  • Save incidents in the supplier’s data base.



  • Analyze, consolidates and informs each department of its consumption in order to adapt the stock level.

  • Guarantee inventories reliability and expressions of needs.

  • Advise Managers on their needs and make sure they anticipate their needs.

  • Adapt inventory levels to the reliability of customer needs and supplier context by aiming for the best full cost/customer service ratio.

  • Secure the stocks and exhaustively guarantee that the physical stock is equal to the stock recorded in data processing.

  • Organize the storage of stocks and Economat platform.

  • Organize the stocks and make sure products are well identified.



  • Analyze supplier’s performance.

  • Propose evolutions of referencing to the Purchasing Department at the mid-season and end of the season.

  • Contribute to reach objectives defined for Bar and Kitchen HD.

  • Upgrade the productivity through an optimization of information and goods flows.

  • Participate in the monitoring of the department’s own controls.

  • Establish and follows up a service performance dashboard.

  • Make Managers aware of waste sorting and monitors it via a daily table.



  • Implement procurement procedures to ensure safety and quality of service.

  • Guarantee the compliance with H&S standards in collaboration with other Managers, alerts the managers (hierarchical and functional) in case of risk.

  • Participate in the Health and Safety Unit.

  • Ensure good waste management in the service (sorting, collection…).

  • Ensure good management of dangerous products in the service (storage, protection equipment…).

  • Limit electricity and water consumption.

  • Implement a formalized monitoring of waste quantities for the resort.



  • Demonstrate leadership.

  • Adopt a coaching posture in your management.

  • Ensure the reception, implementation and integration of GO/GEs in your department.

  • Define personal objectives and support his team or its affiliates, and evaluate them.

  • Supervise and lead in a transversal logic.

  • Implement and comply with HR procedures and have them validated by your own manager.

  • Manager by proximity: show, train and enforce.

  • Be exemplary through his visibility among teams and customers.