We are seeking the services of a SENIOR FULL STACK ENGINEER who will be responsible for the software development within our business. 


  • Providing technical leadership and guidance in all aspects relating to web services and technology.

  • Actively involved in the conceptualisation of web and associated services relating to specific products.

  • Design and develop backend services to support the web and other technological services.

  • Manage and oversee the work of junior developers.


  • The ideal candidate shall have at at least 4 years experience in commercial software development. 

In addition, the following will be required

Advanced knowledge of and extended experience with: 

  • NodeJS (express, NestJS)

  • Javascript/Typescript

  • React and Angular 2+


  • User interfaces, how to design workflow and implement it

A thorough understanding of and sufficient experience with:

  • Microservices architecture.

  • Software design patterns, best practices and the principles of clean code.

  • Asynchronous programming.

  • Linux usage, Docker, Dokku and similar DevOps applications.

  • Raspberry PI.

  • Websockets.

  • PostgreSQL/Redis/Mongo.

  • Git.

A basic understanding of and some experience with:

  • Different platforms/languages such as Golang, Flutter (Dart) and similar.


  • SQL Server.

  • Storybook.js.


  • Our office is located in Durbanville, Western Cape.  However, development work is mostly carried out from remote locations. 

  • Working hours are flexible subject to business requirements for support, supervision, meetings and similar engagements.


Our business assists commercial and industrial clients to improve efficiencies and manage risks through measurement, monitoring and management.  We focus on energy management (electricity, including self generation, and water), production efficiency and associated sensing of the environment (IoT).  We have been in operation for 15 years and have built up a strong client base in a wide range of market segments, including property management, hospitality and tourism, manufacturing, agriculture and food production and corporate businesses.  We are active on over 1000 sites in South Africa, the Middle East and other African countries.