Proof Readers check written text after it has been edited and before it is printed or published, providing a final quality check to make sure that nothing has been missed by the editor.

  • Critical comparison of the author's copy (manuscript) and the typesetter's proof

  • Checking page layout for correctness as per customer specifications

  • Checking that the material provided is in the right place.

  • Checking that the document follows the "house style"

  • Checking that page numbers are in the right order

  • Checking that chapter titles match the list of contents

  • Checking that there are no confusing word, column or page breaks

  • Checking that illustrations have the right captions and relate to the text

  • Marking up proofs for errors.


  • Judgement

  • Vigilance

  • "Typographic" eye

  • Strong ability to catch mistakes in grammar and punctuation