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    Rs50,000 - Rs65,000/month

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    6 - 10 Years

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Key responsibilities

• Conduct training needs analysis.
• Develop and deliver training programs registered with MQA to Family Members
• Create training programs and action plans to address identified gaps and achieve desired service
levels based on GIR training analysis
• Design learning tools such as training decks, student handouts, videos, role plays, simulations, tests,
and guides
• Ensure follow-up on implemented training and measure training effectiveness
• Mentoring and coaching of new and existing Family Members
• Evaluate learner progress through written and practical assessments and the use of Plickers
• Assist departmental trainers in developing their training plans, delivery, reporting, and analysis.

Good to know

Goals & Performance Metrics:

The Hospitality Trainer (For Zilwa Attitude) will be responsible for developing and delivering a set of technical and corporate training programs to ensure standardization of departments and alignment with business objectives.

N+1 Management Style:

There is a consultative management style. Managers ask for the opinions and thoughts of their team, consulting the viewpoints of every member of their team.

The manager will make the final decision, but they will consider all of the information given by team members before they do so.

This style is often used in specialized fields, where employees are experts, and their input is needed for the management to make informed decisions.

Career Progression Opportunities:

The job incumbent will have the opportunity to see his/her job scope expanding once he/she masters his/her core responsibilities. He/She will have the possibility to drive and lead training projects at hotels level.

Benefits & Culture:

Working at Attitude means being part of a welcoming and inclusive workspace. We take care of our guests – but first, we take care of our staff, our Family Members. Attitude staff enjoy a profit-sharing scheme, pension, medical insurance, discounts in our hotels, meals at work and a good work-life balance!

Other perks of working for Attitude Hotels include fun activity days, long-service awards, recognition awards and our Attitude Family Member Children Education Fund, which presents one scholarship a year to a Family Member’s child.

Candidate Selection Criteria:

• Minimum Diploma in Hospitality Management.
• Experience: At least 5 years of work experience at a mid-management/management level and/or
delivering technical training within a hospitality environment.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills; Fluency in English and French.
• Proficient in computer skills (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as a minimum)

Work condition:

Working Monday to Friday 830-1630. However, depending on the exigencies of our operations, we expect the candidate to be flexible.

Message from your futur manager N+1:

Be yourself!

Attitude breaks the classic codes of hospitality by letting each Family Member (our staff) express their singularity. Hair length doesn’t matter, tattoos are accepted, and we give the thumbs up to a beard! Plus, let’s not forget the opportunities to grow and progress.

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