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The story began in 1989 the birth of Associated Textiles. We started supplying hotels and villas with manufactured bathroom, bedroom, kitchen/restaurant, decorative linen and accessories.

Your mission :

Merchandiser is the BRIDGE between the salesperson and the manufacturer. He/she have to look after every job from starting to finishing the textiles product, documentation, finally shipping. He is the responsible person to make the product. A textile manufacturing unit generally has many department like stores, cutting, production, packing, checking etc. in which Merchandising department a linking device of all. The job of a merchandiser is to coordinate with the entire department in the office as well as the customers.

The merchandiser is the one who creates a good relationship in between seller and the manufacturer Merchandising is a specialized management functions within the textile .

It is the business that moves the world textiles from designers showroom to retail sales floor and in to the hands of consumers. It is the internal planning that takes place within a retail organization in order ensures adequate amount of merchandise are on hand to be sold at that the consumers are willing to pay to ensure a profitable operation.

Following are the responsibilities of merchandisers which gives importance to them:
1. Internal and external communication,
2. Sampling,
3. Lab dips,
4. Accessories and trims
5. Preparing internal order sheets,
6. Preparing purchase orders,
7. Advising and assisting production,
8. Advising quality department about quality level,
9. Mediating production and quality departments,
10. Helping documentation department,
11. Taking responsibility for inspections

  • Previous experience in the textile sector or in a similar position.
  • Excellent communication and time management skills.
  • Ability to work under pressure and solve problems proactively.
  • Proficiency in IT tools and project management software.
  • Knowledge of quality standards and regulations relating to the textile industry.
  • Medical insurance
  • Transport allowance
  • Dynamic ecosystem
Job Overview
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