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inbound hiring to attract best talents

Does the idea of Inbound sounds familiar to you ?

Well, inbound hiring is the process of targeted branded content to increase your employer branding and candidate engagement. It is the heart of your recruitment marketing strategy and is a mix between your employer branding and recruitment marketing.

With an inbound marketing approach, recruiters are more able to connect to both active and passive job seekers and engage with them.

Inbound Hiring forms part of your Recruitment Marketing process and will include newest marketing strategies to attract the best talent to your company.

What is inbound hiring ?

We’ve heard that many times :

👉 You struggle to find qualified talents or retaining them

👉 Job boards are no more helping like they used to before

👉 You want to attract qualified talents but do not have the resources yet

So all of this means …

👉 You’re probably spending money and not getting desired results

👉 You’re reaching only a small minority of jobseekers

As mentioned above, the goal of an inbound hiring strategy is to attract potential talents to you, connecting with them and expanding your talent pool.

Compared to some years back, it is not just enough to advertise a job on a job board. Job boards respond to a hiring need of an active candidate but do not reach passive candidates who may not be active listeners on the labour market.

You can attract these passive talents by proposing high valued content through social media posts and campaigns, SEO, insights such as blog articles, salary benchmark, webinars, videos etc.

The candidate funnel in your inbound hiring strategy

Think of your inbound hiring strategy like a buyer’s journey. Similarly, we have a candidate’s journey and funnel.

It’s the same process that goes on with your inbound recruitment strategy. To be able to connect with candidates, you need to know your audience persona, their likes and dislikes, where they are the most present, content they consume etc…

Let us guide you through your candidate persona.

Have a look at your candidate’s funnel and each stage of your candidate’s journey as they come across your company :

inbound hiring to attract best talents

When looking at this graphic, think about a talent at each stage. 

👉 How did they found your company ?

👉 Did you create and share any insightful content that has directed these candidates to you ?

👉 Did they visit your website and engage with your content ? 

👉 Did they check out job opportunities at your company and apply ?

Note that it’s good to have candidates checking out your job vacancies but it is also good to nuture these talents through qualified content, email marketing campaings and a CRM.

To conclude…

The goal of an Inbound Hiring strategy is to attract qualified talents through valuable content, engage with them, nurture them and convert them into new applicants for your company.

Now that you are aware of the cogwheel of inbound hiring, its time to get you started and attract the best talents to you.

Let’s help you get started :

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