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ùCOVID has taken a toll on the world economy. Some companies will grow more powerful while others will plunge in the darkness.A lot of them are struggling to keep it all together. This is where leaders are proving themselves to be mandatory for a company to get out of it (not too) shattered.  This crisis is fueling the fire of uncertainty but also the need to change. COVID has opened our eyes on the many opportunities we haven’t seen beforehand and is a real crash test on leadership effectiveness. We have been pondering on what makes are the next great leadership skills that will make them stand out in our latest infographic: 


1 – Catching new opportunities, the most important leadership skill

Opportunity seeking is a given when going through a crisis.  Today’s leaders will need to look up for them & make the most of it. These opportunities will arise through conversations, acknowledging diverging point of views, well with an open mind in general. 

2 – Be flexible when it comes to problem solving 

Problems don’t always have a yes/no answer. Before going to extremes, adopt a circular mindset. In other words, write your problem on a white sheet of paper, using the mind mapping techniques draw out all the implications and sub-problems then find alternative solutions. 

3 – Empathy 

The crisis has shown us that it’s not just a cord you need to add to your arc but a necessity. Empathy goes with your capacity to provide continuous and outstanding support to your team members. You need to fully understand the different struggles your employees might be going through (social distress, underage kids). When it coms to social withdrawing and anxiety, memorize the symptoms, it touches a lot more people than we think. 

4 – Recognition and collaboration will be your salvation 

With social distancing, it’s even more important to congratulate your team on the efforts they are investing. You can check this article on recognition at work, it highlights the different types of recognition in the workplace and how to transmit it. Moreover recognition will strengthen your team cohesion which is a big time during this crisis. To fully undertand how to keep and nurture your team cohesion, check out our latest article:

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