Télétravail : 4 astuces pour bien travailler à la maison 🏠

Qui n’a jamais rêvé de pouvoir bosser chez soi lorsque son travail peut lui permettre ?  Voici quelques conseils pour réussir votre télétravail ! Imaginez un instant le fait de pouvoir accomplir toutes votre To Do, en quelques heures, plus rapidement et avec plus d’efficacité. À la fin de votre journée, vous êtes satisfait de votre […]

4 useful tips for a great LinkedIn profile

Let us start with a few useful links to help you get a great LinkedIn profile :  ? https://spark.adobe.com/page/07ecATX0UQ5sP/?utm_source=hs_automation&utm_medium=email&utm_content=73180247 ? https://komarketing.com/blog/10-examples-highly-impactful-linkedin-profiles/ 1- GET YOUR PROFILE COMPLETED TO 100% Put a maximum of information regarding your professional experience and education including dates, those are the basics for a great LinkedIn Profile. While updating your professional experience, do […]

10 reasons to work with a freelance platform and join a community

Becoming a freelance is like taking the plunge blindfolded: you want to but you’re trembling before you go for it.  Why? Because there is a multitude of questions that spring to your mind before taking the big step. You’re looking for meaning and freedom, you’ve decided to finally find a pro/perso balance but you don’t […]


There are a multitude of reasons why to opt for a freelance rather than an employee. These are sometimes strategic, managerial, or economic. The Covid 19 crisis makes the climate particularly favourable for calling on self-employed workers, highlighting the difficulties that companies have in dealing with an excessively large wage bill. Just as the 2008-2009 […]

Working successfully with a freelancer in 8 key steps

Finding and working with a freelancer is like recruiting your expert accountant: you struggle to find your talent, you don’t know which one to choose, you don’t understand everything he says BUT you still have to seduce him and make him fit in  your structure and your vision. Especially after recruiting him the process doesn’t […]

Essential leadership skills to survive the COVID crisis

ùCOVID has taken a toll on the world economy. Some companies will grow more powerful while others will plunge in the darkness.A lot of them are struggling to keep it all together. This is where leaders are proving themselves to be mandatory for a company to get out of it (not too) shattered.  This crisis […]

Top 5 management trends of 2020

Managing team and companies is a given for every organization to survive. However, management has been an ever evolving set of theories & practices adapting to the labor world. In this infographic you’ll discover the top management trends of 2020:  1 – Job Hopping  Millenials will take over the labor force, and that means leadership […]

Our best advice to cope with isolation during the confinement

The COVID -19 pandemic is taking an immeasurable toll on the world, forcing millions of people to adopt a strange and solitary new way of life! There are only grim estimates of how long this period of isolation will last. Those experiencing isolation, speak of a series of burdens that take their toll on feeling […]

6 façons de conserver une super cohésion d’équipe pendant le confinement

La cohésion d’équipe à distance, nous le savons, ce n’est pas vraiment l’idéal. Cependant Covid-19 oblige, la moitié de la planète est aujourd’hui confinée chez elle. Ainsi les entreprises se sont organisées pour continuer leurs activités en ces temps particuliers. Néanmoins, la dynamique d’équipe peut rapidement pâtir de cette distanciation.  Pour conserver cet esprit, nous […]

Top 3 des tests de personnalité qui en valent la peine d’après nos experts en recrutement

Les tests de personnalités sont utilisés lors de nombreuses occasions. Lors d’un recrutement, lors d’une orientation universitaire ou professionnelle, pour le fun. C’est un moyen ludique d’en savoir un peu plus sur soi-même. Mais comment faire la différence entre le grain et l’ivraie ? Si vous voulez une analyse à peu près correcte de vous-même, voici […]