Sophie Rose

Talent Acquisition Specialist

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My area of expertise
Event coordinator
Organisation skills
My Accomplishments
Over my 5 years of professional development, I have gained and developed different types of skills. My first job was in the event organising area, and I have found myself a strong sense of organisation. Then I worked in the HR department in another company, which made me able to expand my knowledge in the recruitment area. Since then, I have been working and managing my talent in the recruitment sector. I have over 2 years of expertise in the sourcing, recruitment and matchmaking area.
My Ambitions
I plan to expand my knowledge not only in my country but worldwide too.
My Commitment
I have a strong sense of willingness, which makes me a resilient person in every tasks I do. I am well aware of the ups and downs of a career, and I always want to learn about what I can do to better my skills.
My Favorite Quote
It always seems to be impossible, until it's done.
Message to a Recruiter
I'm always in for new challenges, if I can contribute to the growth of your business feel free to contact me.

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