Khemant Nirvaan DEGAMBUR


My short CV

With a degree in Applied Computing and extensive experience as a System Administrator and Security Analyst, I am passionate about joining a challenging position in Information Security, IT Infrastructure, Process Management, Computer Networks, Systems & Backup, IT Laws, Virtualization, and Cloud. My commitment to continuous learning and adaptability has enabled me to thrive in various roles and tackle new challenges effectively.

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My area of expertise
Physical Server Management
System Administration (Windows & Linux)
Backup & Replication
Project Management
Research & Development (R&D)
Cloud Management
My Accomplishments
Managed endpoint security and vulnerability remediation.
Implemented monitoring and backup solutions.
Led successful migrations and resource optimizations.
Established strategic partnerships and led IT teams.
My Ambitions
To leverage my skills and experience in a forward-thinking company, driving innovation and security, while fostering a collaborative and learning-oriented environment.
My Commitment
Punctuality: Arrive on time and meet deadlines consistently.
Dependability: Complete tasks and projects as promised, and be someone your team can rely on.
Attention to Detail: Ensure work is accurate and thorough.
Continuous Improvement: Seek feedback and strive to improve skills and performance.
Enthusiasm: Show enthusiasm for work and a positive attitude towards challenges.
Resilience: Stay motivated and persistent, even when facing difficulties.
Cooperation: Work well with colleagues, share knowledge, and help others succeed.
Communication: Communicate effectively and openly with the team and supervisors.
Proactivity: Identify opportunities for improvement and take the initiative to address them.
Ownership: Take responsibility for tasks and projects, and be accountable for the outcomes.
Learning: Continuously seek to expand my knowledge and skills through training and education.
Adaptability: Be open to new ideas and adaptable to changes in the workplace.
Health and Well-being: Maintain a balance between work and personal life to stay healthy and productive.
Time Management: Prioritize tasks and manage time effectively
My Favorite Quote
"Happiness is a state of mind"
Message to a Recruiter
With a solid foundation in IT and security and a passion for continuous improvement, I am excited to bring my skills to your organization. I look forward to contributing to your team’s success and achieving shared goals
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