Loanne Denissia Gookhul

Business Developper Representative

My short CV

Experiencé de six années dans le BPO, spécialisé dans la relation client, j’ai travaillé avec diverses grandes entreprises telles que des écoles de formation à distance et des grandes surfaces en ligne. J’ai également acquis de l’expérience en vente directe lors d’un stage chez Kirby à Maurice. Mon engagement pour l’excellence m’a souvent placé parmi les trois meilleurs commerciaux, même lorsque j’ai été responsable d’équipe, en maintenant une communication constante pour atteindre mes objectifs. Académiquement, après avoir arrêté mes études en Form 4, j’ai suivi une formation en architecture et immobilier, et ma passion pour la communication et la vente m’a guidé vers une carrière enrichissante dans ce domaine.

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My area of expertise
Mon expertise réside principalement dans la compréhension et l'analyse du langage naturel, ainsi que dans la fourniture de réponses précises et informatives sur une large gamme de sujets.
My Accomplishments
In my six years working in BPO, specializing in customer relations, I've had the opportunity to work with various prominent companies including distance learning schools and online retail giants. During a direct sales internship at Kirby in Mauritius, I successfully sold three high-value vacuum cleaners in just two months. Throughout my career, I've consistently ranked among the top three salespeople, even while leading teams, demonstrating my commitment to achieving excellence. Academically, after leaving school in Form 4, I pursued training in architecture and real estate, which eventually led me to a fulfilling career in communication and sales.
My Ambitions
My ambitions include further developing my skills in sales and customer relationship management, particularly leveraging emerging technologies to enhance efficiency and customer experience. Academically, I aim to pursue additional training that deepens my understanding of best industry practices. Personally, I strive to bring a positive energy and teamwork spirit to any organization I work with, while contributing to stimulating projects that foster innovation and growth. I aspire to roles that allow me to actively participate in continuous process improvement and achieve impactful results.
My Commitment
I am deeply committed to delivering exceptional results and customer satisfaction in every role I take on. With six years of experience in BPO, I have consistently exceeded expectations, whether as a top-performing sales executive or as a team leader. I am dedicated to continuously improving my skills and knowledge, staying updated with industry trends, and embracing new technologies to enhance performance. My commitment extends beyond achieving individual targets; I am passionate about contributing positively to team dynamics and organizational success through collaboration, integrity, and a proactive approach to challenges.
My Favorite Quote
N'arrête jamais d'apprendre, car la vie ne cesse jamais d'enseigner.
Message to a Recruiter
Dedicated professional with six years of experience in BPO, specializing in customer relations and sales. Proven track record in exceeding targets and enhancing customer satisfaction. Passionate about continuous learning and contributing to team success. Eager to bring my skills and enthusiasm to a dynamic team.
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