Kooldeep Sahye


My short CV

I help businesses with direct response copywriting.

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My area of expertise
Copywriting, Marketing, Branding, Email Marketing, Social Media Ads, Sales Page, Landing Pages, Customer Avatar, Sales Funnel
My Accomplishments
What I'm truly proud of is the fact that I always give my all to every project - be it email marketing, website copy, SMS, SEO - I am always 100% invested. This has translated into my work, whereby some of my websites that I wrote (current ones) have been ranking well and bringing in traffic for our clients.
My Ambitions
My main ambition is to continue to evolve in my area of expertise and where I feel at home: Copywriting. And this is not just about writing copy (which I love), but also about coming up with creative marketing ideas and campaigns for businesses.
My Commitment
First off, I LOVE writing, and that is a big thing if you are a copywriter. But more than that, as a creative individual, I've always wanted to express my ideas by coming up with concepts, campaign ideas and more. For instance, I'm currently employed as a copywriter - but also volunteered to watch over the script for our call center agents, coming up with campaign ideas and planning office activities. Why? Because those are the things that make me happy.
My Favorite Quote
"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." - Paulo Coelho
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