Emmanuel MAUJEAN


My short CV

Leading Meetyourjob for over nine years, I’ve guided our firm to collaborate with diverse partners, achieving a high recommendation rate and serving numerous clients. Our acquisition of CareerHub.mu in 2019 was a milestone..

I also initiated SmartTraveller.mu to support expatriates and co-founded OSEM, focusing on skills and employability in Mauritius.

My drive comes from creating meaningful connections and mutual benefits. I approach my role with humility, always aiming to learn and improve, contributing positively to our community and beyond.

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My area of expertise
I specialize in matching people with their perfect roles, easing expatriation processes, and bringing events to life with attention to detail. My strategies for companies align with their values to drive growth, while my storytelling connects deeply with audiences. I lead with integrity, fostering team excellence and collective success
My Accomplishments
My team and I have supported over 500 companies in their quest for talent, aiding thousands in their career journeys. It's been a deeply rewarding experience, fostering numerous professional connections. Through SmartTraveller, we've assisted over 1000 families, businesses, self-employed individuals, and students in making Mauritius their home. Organizing "Anba Pie" festivals to celebrate Mauritian craftsmanship and job fairs with 3000-5000 attendees has been a highlight, bringing communities together and creating opportunities. The trust my team and our clients place in me is what I value most, marking our greatest achievement.
My Ambitions
I aim to establish market-leading enterprises, continuously focusing on innovation and humanity, while also solidifying my presence on the international stage
My Commitment
I'm all about transparency and problem-solving. For me, it's crucial that what we think, feel, say, and do all line up. It's not easy, but I'm constantly working on staying true to that alignment
My Favorite Quote
"We are the average of the people we spend time with." - Matthieu Stefani
Message to a Recruiter
Let's join forces to fine-tune your recruitment strategies and elevate employee retention rates. Together, we're bound to achieve outstanding performance
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