Who we are and how it all got started: Our story

Everyone has a story. CareerHub also has its story, a story of passion and full dedication to execute a clear vision and help others.

Before starting CareerHub we spent several years in diverse companies in different industries . One day we were talking about the things that kept us up all at night.

Recruiting was #1 on everyone’s list: It was hard to reach the best candidates and the recruitment process was way too manual, time-consuming and expensive.

Our story

We dreamt of web platforms that are already hooked up with leading job boards, social media and hiring agencies, featuring single-submission job postings and candidate targeted job ads.

We imagined a life where you don’t need an entire day to read through a pile of CVs, where recruiting software lets you browse through candidates much like the social networks we use to keep in touch with our friends and contacts.

We wanted to have the ability to shortlist candidates centrally in just one-click. Really crazy stuff like scheduling interviews with candidates, exchanging messages with candidates, unlimited collaborators, statistics and all sorts of magic stuff.

The truly audacious among us said that we don’t really need those printed CVs with a summary of a person’s biography. They said that one day people will have “profiles” with this information online. That they would send us their “profile” data, which looks a lot like a CV. That we’d be able to “message” the candidates from inside the hiring software, and use “comments” to keep track of progress with each candidate. It would be as simple as using Facebook. 

The really crazy ones said this would be presented in a beautiful design that doesn’t look like business software at all – with intuitive controls, natural workflows and language that people understand. Friendly customer service with hiring expertise would coach you designing your recruitment campaigns. 

Just for laughs, some even dared to say that one day we wouldn’t need to use Excel anymore in hiring… LOL

We imagined those small and medium businesses without a big HR department setting up a well-rounded recruiting process under 5 minutes. The software will be for free and they’d get the kind of recruiting system big companies pay big bucks for. Owners and managers saving hours every week, HR folks impressing the CEO, department managers not hating to update their interview notes, positions being filled faster and job advertising costs being slashed down.

Yeah, right. Recruitment made easier…

And yet, here we are. And here it is. The recruitment software we would want to use ourselves: simple, efficient and gorgeous. It has everything hiring managers need, and nothing they don’t. It does the boring stuff for them so they can focus on finding the right candidate. It’s built for teams. It’s on the cloud, it’s free, it doesn’t need a manual and it gets the job done.