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Becoming a freelance is like taking the plunge blindfolded: you want to but you’re trembling before you go for it. 

Why? Because there is a multitude of questions that spring to your mind before taking the big step. You’re looking for meaning and freedom, you’ve decided to finally find a pro/perso balance but you don’t know how to do it between the administrative paperwork, starting full time or part time jobs, finding the first clients, setting your prices, gaining credibility and visibility, managing the finances and accounting of your self-employed status, relaunching unpaid invoices… that’s it, you’re already lost! 

We have the solution for you: what could be better than being accompanied throughout your adventure by an expert online platform that understands each of your questions and challenges? 

1 – Be supported and advised

It is always difficult to know to whom to confide in, to find the right information, to be understood and not feeling alone as an individual and as a professional. The jungle of social networks and the business world is well named: you can quickly feel like an ant and it’s hard to stand out. Joining a freelance online platform will allow you to access targeted content in a few clicks, to be surrounded by experts, and ask your questions to people who are there for you! 

2 – Joining a community (goodbye aloneness) 

In addition to being accompanied through the platform, MeetYourJob and Careerhub will allow you to join the first freelance community in Mauritius. You will be able to share tips, promote meetings between freelancers, share content adapted to your core business, support you in your statements, and exchange freely with other millenials who have the same issues and aspirations as you. 

Being part of our community will allow you to gain confidence in yourself, in your expertise and take off trough the daily support of our Community Builder! 


3 – Focus only on your expertise as a Freelance

Thanks to our platform, you’ll be able to focus only on YOUR expertise! What a pleasure!!! No more needing to improvise yourself as a business developer to find clients, an accountant to manage reminders, a mediator to settle client conflicts… we take care of everything! Isn’t it great ? 

4 – Business provider

Selling themselves: Some people love it, some people have nightmares about it. And it’s especially because in the long run it’s hard to justify yourself on a daily basis. As a freelance it is important to take opportunities. There is not always a logical follow-up in the projects / missions carried out because the heart of the matter is the punctual expertise that we bring to the client and not continuity. 

We all have a network, which we try to maintain on a daily basis, but after contacting professionals, friends and grandparents to obtain an assignment: how do we do it? 

One of the objectives of the platform is to facilitate the funnel of client and project acquisition, as well as the realization, transmission and validation of projects. Every day several projects and missions will be proposed: yes, you have understood well, it is about being able to easily find, anticipate and get new missions! 

5 – Benefit from a double expertise 

Once you have fallen in love at first light, the hardest part is still to come: defining your price and your quote. In the beginning, freelancers will tend to devalue themselves to get their first assignments, but don’t! The platform, through an expert Account Manager, will be able to support you to establish your quotes, your price and not to forget anything so that everything is well detailed! We make freelance easy for you!

At the same time, the platform will also advise the client on the monetary value of his needs and the price range generally practiced in freelance so that everyone finds meaning and balance. 

6 – Financial security, the big Freelance question

As a true trusted third party, one of the strengths of our platform is to sequester the entire amount of your quote in our escrow account prior to the start of the project. Real added value you are certified to get your money within 10 working days when the project is finalized and validated on both sides! 

Also in the case of a conflict, we will be mediators so as not to leave you alone and see what has or has not been achieved. 

7 – Saving time 

You’ll understand, we’ll accompany you from A to Z in good times and bad! It’ll save you a lot of time and you’ll be able to concentrate on your core competencies! 

When you decide to open your laptop from home, at the client’s, or during your trip to Asia, your first reflex will be to connect to our platform and the tools we put at your disposal (yes, you’re not dreaming) and everything will be centralized! Easy isn’t it ? 


ladies with clock costume

8 – Develop your network as a Freelance

Being part of our community and working with our platform will allow you to develop your network and gain visibility. In addition to all the projects and missions offered daily, it will allow you to meet freelancers and digital nomad like you, to work in several sectors of activity and to collaborate with other professionals who need support that you would never have met otherwise! Unbelievable! 

9 – Be free but not alone 

Working alone is good, but pooling everyone’s expertise to respond to a customer need is better! We’ll help you build your dream team! 

No more aloneness: the human being is at the heart of our platform, we look forward to seeing you at our first meetup! 

10 – Sharing and discovering

Millennials are constantly seeking to discover, learn, share and create healthy relationships with others in order to grow in line with their aspirations! Through our community and our platform, you will be able to interact with people from all horizons but who have common aspirations with yours. Sharing, discovery and support will be the key words! 

So, what are you waiting for to join the first freelance community in Mauritius? Join in!


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